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MMS Chicago: The Now Economy
July 25th, 2017
Chicago, IL
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Pat O’Toole

Pat O’Toole

Sr. Director of Marketing, Tostitos, Dips & Fritos - Frito-Lay North America

As senior director of marketing for Tostitos, Santitas and Dips, Pat O’Toole manages key multi-billion dollar brands for Frito-Lay North America. Serving in various roles at Frito-Lay since 2008, Pat has deep experience leading innovation and shopper marketing.

Pat most recently oversaw the launch of the Tostitos “Party Safe” bag, a bag that could detect alcohol on your breath and encourage you to not drink and drive after a party. The program was in partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and used technology to drive awareness of drunk driving fatalities after the Super Bowl. Pat has also driven social media campaigns for Tostitos that included a program encouraging people to “piñata-ize” themselves.

He also served as Director of Marketing for Cheetos for two years, spearheading the ideation behind Cheetos Museum, driving Cheetos’ social strategy and launching Instagram and increasing social followings 15 times what they were previously. While working on Cheetos, Pat also developed the partnership with Burger King to create Mac ‘n Cheetos. He also helped the brand think outside-the-box to reach Hispanic consumers by creating a real-world trick soccer team dubbed “Los Cheetahs.”

Pat’s deep background in shopper marketing led to a key activation for Doritos, the “Bold Flavor Experiment,” where golden tickets were at key retailers nationwide. Consumers receiving golden tickets then received golden Doritos tokens and solid-gold Doritos worth $5,000.

Pat has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Southern Methodist University – Cox School of Business.