ICYMI: 3 Takeaways from #MMSCHI15

CHICAGO — ICYMI (In case you missed it), nearly 700 attendees filled the seats at Revel Fulton Market for this year’s Mobile Media Summit Chicago. Some of the best and brightest leaders of the industry joined in to discuss the latest developments, successes, and challenges in the mobile world. To get the ball rolling, the event kicked off with a networking breakfast. By 9AM sharp, the room was bursting with energy as Mobile Media Summit founder & CEO Paran Johar set the stage for yet another successful summit.


Here are three important takeaways attendees gathered from #MMSCHI15:

The Real “L” Word:

  • Out of the fifteen sessions on Tuesday, we couldn’t seem to stray away from the special “L” word: location. Location, location, location seemed to be the #1 trending topic among the speakers in attendance. That’s because location-based data is one of the fastest-changing attribution methods used in the industry today. In fact, we learned that using the “cookie” is slowly dying. Meanwhile, location services and third-party purchasing data are becoming more popular among marketers. A few panelists touched on this topic, including Waze’s Sara Hall on “Native Breaks the Paradigm”. In her discussion, Sara demonstrated how Waze uses real-time location data to implement ad campaigns on-the-go.

Millennials Have a Short Attention Span:

  • While millennials are the key target audience in mobile advertising, marketers are finding it difficult to keep their attention. University of Michigan Associate Professor Sy Banerjee explained in his unforgettable lecture that increased mobile use is driving this short attention span and consumers’ inability to process information. In his data-driven discussion, Banerjee noted that millennials are more likely to make a purchasing decision while on-the-go. Because of this, marketers must learn how to get creative with the little time they have to grab their consumers’ attention. An example of this new creativity was mentioned by Pandora’s SVP of Strategic Solutions Heidi Browning in the panel, “Cracking the Code on Mobile ROI”. Using Pandora music to attract target consumers, Heidi presented the campaign’s recent successes in reaching households across the U.S. by implementing the Pop-Tarts Pandora station.

Privacy is Still a Concern:

  • Marketers are finding new unique ways to get to know their consumers on mobile. There’s tons of data to be discovered — in social media, location services, you name it. Despite this whole new world of discovery, marketers need to keep in mind that privacy still remains a concern for most consumers. When discussing, “when location data goes from useful to creepy”, Starcom’s Lisa Bradner drove home the point that “opt-in and privacy DOES matter”. In the panel, “Gathering and Using the Mobile, Online, and Offline Data Points”, panelists explained that privacy, in fact, empowers the user to be in control of the experience. Presenting the user with the decision to exchange data for a particular value or functionality has proven to be most effective.

Mobile marketing is evolving and marketers are starting to latch on to the most innovative, unique methods to understanding their consumers on a more personal level. This evolution was on full display in Chicago and made #MMSCHI15 a summit to remember.

Check out #MMSCHI15 event photos here. Next up, Mobile Media Summit is taking over Advertising Week in New York on September 28!