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MMS Chicago: The Now Economy
July 25th, 2017
Chicago, IL
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Elizabeth Gallagher

Elizabeth Gallagher

Chief Revenue Officer - Lineate

Elizabeth brings two decades of success in growing digital businesses through marketing, sales and product development to her role as Chief Revenue Officer at Lineate. Prior to her work as a strategic business consultant for several New York-based startups and businesses spanning digital, ad tech and mar tech verticals, Elizabeth was Co-founder and CEO of the award-winning ed tech company, Pixeldream, where she brought dozens of high revenue technology products to market for leading organizations including McGraw-Hill and Pearson. Under Elizabeth’s leadership, Pixeldream grew organically and steadily over the course of a decade exceeding revenue targets, achieving and maintaining profitability from its very first quarter.

Elizabeth combines her expertise in business strategy, product innovation and execution along with her proven leadership skills, to build and cultivate scalable business opportunities for Lineate, such as their recently launched product, DataSwitch – which helps brands leverage and enhance 1st, 2nd and 2rd party data across all marketing and advertising efforts from a single UI, deploy and manage campaigns across channels and platforms, and monetize content across properties – solidifying the company's value proposition and position in the market it serves.