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MMS Chicago: The Now Economy
July 25th, 2017
Chicago, IL
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David Smith

David Smith

CEO and Founder - Mediasmith

David L. Smith is an internationally recognized digital advertising and media expert. As a pioneer of new media application, media strategy, planning and metrics he participated in the creation of first-generation advertising technologies and is an expert on all aspects of metrics in the digital marketplace. David’s advisory board and industry committee involvement has included the 4A’s, ARF, comScore Media Metrix, Quantcast, IAB, I-COM and Online Publishers Association, where he works to establish and refine standards in metrics, business practices and financial issues for interactive advertising. He is consistently called upon by such business and trade publications as and expert resource and regularly authors thought pieces for industry publishers including iMedia Connection and Fast Company. He is also a regular speaker at various 4A’s, iMedia, ad:tech, IAB, I-COM, Digiday and sfBIG events. David was recently inducted into the sfBIG Hall of Fame in recognition of his trailblazing media career that has included continued digital media innovation and a voice of the industry that has always continued to look forward. He has a number of other awards to his name, including an Effie and the first-ever ad:tech Industry Achievement Award.