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MMS Chicago: The Now Economy
July 25th, 2017
Chicago, IL
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Chris Denson

Chris Denson

Director, Ignition Factory and Host, Innovation Crush - OMD

Chris Denson is an American innovation expert, marketer, and humor enthusiast. He is the host of the Innovation Crush podcast and runs an innovations team at Omnicom Group. With over 200 episodes and 700,000 subscribers around the world. Having been a guest speaker, curator, and attendee at 100’s of industry events, Chris is an expert at uncovering the best thinking and commonalities across a diverse array of cultures. Applying his expertise to the likes of The White House, Google Launchpad, C2: Montreal, and Omnicom Media Group, his work has been featured in Adweek, Forbes, the New York Times, and Inc., to name a few.

As an industry taste-maker, he currently serves as Director of Omnicom Media Group’s Ignition Factory, the key group responsible for emerging innovations across media, technology, and culture for Fortune 50 clients including Warner Bros, Wells Fargo, The CW, Hilton, Asics and more.

With an early background steeped in stand-up comedy, screenwriting, and production, Chris conceived Innovation Crush in 2013, launching the series in 2014 alongside Levity Entertainment Group. Prior to his work in innovation, Chris worked in front of – and behind the camera for Paramount, BET, Playboy Television, Machinima, the American Film Institute’s Digital Content Lab, and more. He has also been a featured speaker and curator at numerous events around the world from The White House Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Innovate Finance Global Summit, and SXSW.

He is a graduate of Michigan State University and holds a degree in packaging engineering.