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MMS Chicago: The Now Economy
July 25th, 2017
Chicago, IL
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Anne-Marie Schaffer

Anne-Marie Schaffer

West Coast President - PHD

Anne-Marie leads PHD’s west coast offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She is a ball of energy and a fearless leader who runs at every challenge. She is a media geek, marketing maven, lover of all things new, old and re-imagined.

However you want to describe Anne-Marie, in the end, she loves helping clients migrate through the ever evolving media landscape and finding new ways to connect brands with consumers in an exciting and demonstrable way.

An executive with established management experience in advertising, marketing, communications, business development and brand launch/revitalization. Anne-Marie is an innovator who is highly skilled in leading the development of integrated media strategies and multi-platform marketing opportunities that include digital and social platforms, search, and many forms of audience based buying, as well as creative uses of traditional media, methodologies and media mix modeling. She and her team have been recognized with four Cannes Media Lion finalist awards. But while awards are great, it's the business results for her clients that matters most.