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MMS Chicago: The Now Economy
July 25th, 2017
Chicago, IL
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Aimee Baller

Aimee Baller

Board Member, Marketing Committee - mBolden

For over two years now, Aimee Baller has been a Board Member for mBolden, a non-profit that serves to champion women in digital. She works with other female leaders in media, technology and advertising to help women achieve success in their career, however each woman defines “success” for herself.

Aimee has spent a majority of her career in sales positions in the mobile industry, currently with Aki Technologies. She is an accomplished sales professional with a proven ability to locate and develop new business relationships which support business and financial objectives. Recognized as an expert in applying unique marketing concepts to achieve the goals of clients from varying verticals.

As a new mother of a baby girl, Aimee is acutely aware that the future of women in technology, media and advertising is paved by today’s leaders. Making a positive impact on tomorrow starts with emboldening and empowering the women of today.